Ikea launches wireless charging furniture range

Swedish retailer Ikea has launched a range of furniture which can charge your smartphone wirelessly

UK growth set to slow, says CBI

The UK economy is expected to grow strongly in the next three months, albeit at a slightly slower pace than that enjoyed in the first half of last year


The Gold Frenzy: Why Investors Should Resist

New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of London’s Metropolitan Police, has been sold to Gulf Arab investors for 370 million pounds ($580 million). The world’s most iconic police headquarters is set to become a “mixed-use residential development,” reported the Associated Press.

Why 25,000 More Houses in New Delhi Will Only Add To India's Urban Housing Woes

NEW DELHI -- Even as the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the Indian capital’s state-owned urban development agency, gets ready to allot more than 25,000 apartments, a brief analysis of data indicates that such mega allotments are unlikely to make much of a difference to India’s urban housing problem.

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Online Scams

Online scams are lurking absolutely everywhere on the World Wide Web. It's almost to the point where you cannot decipher the real deal from a total scam.


Saving Money

Saving you money may sound like a foreign language to most of you. It is something that has to be practiced instead of doing it every now and then.


The Cheapest Cities in America

Although most of us enjoy living in popular urban areas, the recession and its aftermath have left many Americans struggling to make payments. Stop accumulating debt, and make your payments on time b




Auto insurance rates have dropped for 2015

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