Heineken family rejects SABMiller takeover offer

Founding family behind Dutch brewer prefers independence as SABMiller looks to defend itself from AB InBev bid

Scotch lovers, watch out: independence could hurt

Scotland is about to vote over whether to stay in the UK. A decision to leave could have significant implications for Scotch whisky


The Gold Frenzy: Why Investors Should Resist

WASHINGTON -- When the Federal Reserve issues a policy statement after it meets this week, the financial world will be on high alert for two words:

Trading slumps for small firms

NEW YORK -- Investors played it safe Monday ahead of a potentially pivotal Federal Reserve meeting. While large company stocks ended the day steady, smaller, riskier stocks slumped.


Online Scams

Online scams are lurking absolutely everywhere on the World Wide Web. It's almost to the point where you cannot decipher the real deal from a total scam.


Saving Money

Saving you money may sound like a foreign language to most of you. It is something that has to be practiced instead of doing it every now and then.


The Cheapest Cities in America

Although most of us enjoy living in popular urban areas, the recession and its aftermath have left many Americans struggling to make payments. Stop accumulating debt, and make your payments on time b




Auto insurance rates have dropped for 2014

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